Partnership of terror between FETO and PKK

Partnership of Terror Between FETO and PKK

The partnership between FETO and the PKK terror organizations has continued even after the July 15 coup attempt. According to a news story written by Kemal Gümüş in TRT Haber, “Mehmet Okan Arıkan, a former military commander who was dismissed from the military for FETO membership, hindered action against terrorists while they laid mines near the border despite having been informed about the situation in advance in 2017. Arıkan is now in police detention as part of an investigation run by the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of the city of Kilis. He has been brought to Kilis after being detained in Ankara. Video footage shows five PKK terrorists approaching the border wall near Demirisik village in Kilis and two of them digging the road next to the wall and planting something. Soldiers noticed the situation through security cameras and informed their commander Lt. Cl. Mehmet Okan Arıkan. Soldiers discussed the possibility that the planted thing could be a land mine, however, it is claimed that then-commander Arıkan prevented the soldiers from taking action. It wasn’t also investigated why those terrorists were there and what they planted under the road.

23 August 2017 Mehmet Akcan, a 30-year-old engineer, died due to an explosion of land mines planted by PKK terrorists as he checked the security wall erected on the border with Syria. Later on, it was discovered that the land mines were planted 45 days before the explosion which was recorded by security cameras. It was also realized that Arıkan didn’t also brief then-Governor of Kilis Mehmet Tekinarslan on the land mines planted by PKK terrorists. It is claimed that the terrorists aimed at killing the governor with the trap.

FETO-PKK Collaboration Goes Back A Long Way

The collaboration between FETO and the PKK had become obvious during the course of events that ended in the July 15 coup attempt. More Turkish soldiers were killed in the fight against the PKK digging trenches due to the FETO-affiliated soldiers and the anti-terror operations gained momentum after some FETO-affiliated commanders were dismissed. A number of PKK terrorists gave the details of this collaboration after they were captured by the Turkish army. According to these confessions, a group of PKK terrorists were waiting near the Turkish border during the July 15 coup attempt, ready to cross the border with the help of FETO-affiliates in the military and launch terror attacks in the country in order to give rise to a civil war.

FETO Eased Grip on PKK via Semih Terzi

Semih Terzi, a FETO-affiliated former military commander who was shot dead by Ömer Halisdemir at a very early phase of the July 15 coup attempt, turned a blind eye to PKK activity in Syria. The Turkish army dealt a fatal blow to both DAESH and the PKK with the Operation Euphrates Shield which was carried out in Syria in the aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt and commanded by Special Forces General Zekai Aksakallı, the commander who gave the order to neutralize Semih Terzi during the July 15 coup attempt.

Bahattin Karataş: A Key Name in FETO-PKK Collaboration

One of the most important evidence of the collaboration between FETO and the PKK was brought to light by the fugitive FETO administrator named Bahattin Karataş. He was responsible for overseeing FETO’s relations with the PKK and stated publicly through pro-PKK media that FETO “asked permission from the PKK” some time ago. But the collaboration between and the fugitive FETO-affiliate and the PKK is way beyond this ashamed confession. Karataş, close friends with top PKK commanders, was known to have planned the unsolved murders committed in the 1990s as requested by the PKK.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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