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Suspect in Necip Hablemitoglu Murder Takes Refuge in FETO

Necip Hablemitoğlu Murder Expands into FETO

Nuri Gökhan Bozkır, the suspect in the murder of Prof. Necip Hablemitoğlu who was killed because he warned against the threats posed by Fetullah Terror Organization (FETO) and the German foundations in Turkey, adopts arguments of FETO. As the legal process of his extradition from Ukraine to Turkey is about to be completed, Bozkır repeated the FETO propaganda in an interview he gave to Ukrainian news site about the MIT trucks carrying weapons to Syrian opposition in 2012. Another Ukrain-based website run by fugitive FETO-affiliates translated the interview into Turkish and published it. Previously, FETO-affiliates used gang leader Serkan Kurtuluş, currently in jail in Argentina, as a stooge to attack Turkey. Security experts giving an interview to Doğan News Agency stated that Nuri Gökhan Bozkır, the key suspect in the murder of Necip Hablemitoğlu which has remained unsolved for the past 18 years, embraced FETO arguments and gave this interview because he understood that he will be extradited to Turkey.

As the key suspect in the murder of Necip Hablemitoğlu, Nuri Gökhan Bozkır’s asylum request submitted to Ukrainian authorities was rejected. His legal objection to the decision was not also accepted by a court in Kyiv, so he appealed this second rejection as well – and this appeal was also rejected by another local court. The suspect still has one last chance to lodge an appeal to the Supreme Court of Ukraine within 30 days after the court decision was announced officially. Turkish officials estimate that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv will decide in favor of the extradition of Bozkır. The murder of Necip Hablemitoğlu has long been manipulated by FETO-affiliated Turkish prosecutors for ulterior purposes.

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