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New Fight within FETO: Imam of USA Fired

Terrorists Rebel as Imam of USA Fired

A new debate ensues inside the Fetullah Terror Organization. The disagreement between fugitive and resident FETO-affiliates abroad turns into conflict. It is claimed that İsmail Nazlı, known as the imam of USA, is sent to Europe and replaced with Sait Kaya, the former imam of the Ministry of National Education of Turkey. The fugitive FETO-affiliates who put forth that claim announced that a huge fight begins within FETO. According to FETO mouthpieces in social media, FETO-affiliated businesspeople will stop giving financial support to the organization due to the suspension of İsmail Nazlı.

Fights Taking Place Lately within FETO

FETO was roiled by discontents that emerged after FETO-affiliates who fled from Turkey after the July 15 coup attempt claimed that their fellow FETO members residing in the countries which they fled to did not take care of them. Particularly, a huge fight broke out when the cadres controlled by imam of Europe İsmail Cingöz refrained from supporting the fugitive FETO-affiliates. Fugitive terrorist Önder Aytaç announced that İsmail Cingöz became rich thanks to FETO.

Top FETO-affiliates such as İsmail Büyükçelebi, Mustafa Özcan and Naci Tosun were implicated in the fraud incident that took place within FETO. It was revealed that FETO-affiliated businessmen were defrauded of millions of dollars in the criminal event.

Another huge fight that erupted within FETO lately also happened in the US. It was revealed that a doctor vouched for by İsmail Büyükçelebi sexually assaulted and raped lots of women.

Previously, fugitive FETO-affiliates abroad cursed and threatened each other on social media and informed on one another­­­. Most importantly, US-based FETO-affiliate Elvan Aktaş reported FETO’s criminal activity to the FBI.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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