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Fighting FETO Continues Rapidly

FETO’s Hidden Houses Revealed

The separations that emerged within the Fetullah Terrorist Organization(FETO) this year, in particular, enabled the police units to carry out new operations. Turkish Police carry out operations one after another to the hidden houses which were established by the terrorist organization.

In an operation in İzmir Province, 66 members of the organization were caught trying to flee abroad. Terrorists were captured: Including former Turkey Imam Mustafa Özcan’s relative Muhammet Bozkurt. Senior managers of the organization were amongst those taken in operations.

An operation was organized to capture 32 FETO suspects. The operation was carried out at 35 different addresses in Istanbul. Many FETO members were caught in the operations; the suspects were taken to the Police Department for questioning. One of the suspects threw his cell phone down before the police arrived.

Mustafa Özcan, the Richest in FETO!

The leadership conflict that started between FETO members was revealed because the terrorists are defrauding each other. Organization managers Mustafa Özcan, Naci Tosun and Ismail Buyukcelebi knew that FETO was stealing members’ Money who ran away from Turkey to Atlanta, however, managers did not prevent that fraud. This information has emerged through social media sharing by defrauded members of FETO. Behind the scam in Atlanta proved that the old Turkey Imam Mustafa Özcan is responsible of the fraud.

Another fraud within FETO took place in England, where Ahmet Beyaz, who was former General Manager of Bank Asya and is the man of Mustafa Özcan, stole 10 million pounds. This case was revealed by fugitive Önder Aytaç, the FETO hitman, however, it was made to forget within the organization.

The fugitive terrorist Mustafa Özcan, who is the target of criticism within the terrorist organization and who is claimed to be as powerful as the leader of FETO, does not appear in the partnership.

Özcan, whose son was caught in 2017 and his daughter in 2019, is claimed to have a fortune expressed in hundreds of millions of dollars.

The decision to support Bank Asya by depositing money was made by Mustafa Özcan and Fetullah Gulen, the terrorist leader of FETO.

The money deposited by the members of the organization was transferred to the members of the organization abroad with the use of irregular credit, and it was determined that the majority of the members of this organization were Mustafa Özcan’s people.

Mustafa Özcan, who was accused by FETO members as an agent leaked into the organization, was last seen while meeting with the FETO leader in Pennsylvania and then later disappeared.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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