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FETO Threatens with the Turkish Flag

Confessor: They Threatened with Turkish Flag

FETO traitors threatened with the Turkish flag. A sergeant who was detained in Konya during the operation organized by the Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office showed FETO’s dirty face once again. The confessor (the sergeant) said that he met FETO in high school and attended meetings in the houses of the organization. The confessor said that he won the Air Petty Officer Vocational High School in İzmir-Gaziemir thanks to the guidance and assistance of the organization. He contacted private imams via pay phones.

He claimed that FETO’s private imam was constantly putting pressure on them. Then he reduced his ties to the organization because he was asked to marry with a woman from FETO. Moreover, he said that they wanted himmet from his monthly salaries. The confessor, who claimed that he did not accept calls from fixed lines in order to get rid of FETO’s private imams, also explained the details of the threat. FETO intimidated the confessor by leaving an envelope with a Turkish flag inside his mailbox. A member of the organization wrote “from a friend” on the envelope in order to show that it is impossible to leave FETO.

The threat with the Turkish flag is just one of the methods FETO uses to prevent the members of the organization to leave. The organization wants to prevent the separation of its members whose ties with the organization are weakened. FETO names threats as ‘affection slap’. It provides conspiracies about public officials by hoping that public officials would have disciplinary penalty. The threat with the Turkish flag reveals that the terrorist organization can use all kinds of religious and national values for its own benefit.

Married Through Match-Making Catalogues and Himmet Mean a lot to FETO

The Fetullah Terrorist Organization/Parallel State Organization (FETO/PSO) never puts catalog marriage and himmet in the second plan in order to rule the organization members. Members of the organization settled in institutions have to marry with names determined by private imams. Female FETO members are in a catalog and they have to marry male members according to their rank in the organization. These women also inform their managers through weekly or monthly meetings whether their spouses are obeying the organizational rules or not.

FETO members, who are illegally appointed as public officer, have to pay 1/5 of their salary to FETO every month, with copies and fake reports. These payments to FETO are called ‘Himmet’. These payments have given FETO a great financial power over the years. The terrorist-leader of FETO receives 1/5 of all the support, gathered within the organization, under the name of ‘holy teacher share’.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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