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Emre Uslu Reveals Kılıcdaroglu Plan

Kılıcdaroglu Funded by UAE

Kemal Kılıcdaroglu is the new leader candidate of fugitive Emre Uslu who is the hitman of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization/Parallel State Organization (FETO/PSO) in the USA. Emre Uslu declared that Biden has a plan to change the power in Turkey by using CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu. According to fugitive hitman Emre Uslu, European capitals and United Arab Emirates will provide financial support to Joe Biden in this dirty plan.

It was announced that the United Arab Emirates provided financial support to FETO even before the July 15 coup attempt. Emre Uslu had mentioned Kılıcdaroglu as a hopeless case in his previous statements but now, he praised CHP leader Kılıcdaroglu this time. According to Uslu, who describes Kemal Kılıcdaroglu’s recent statements as part of this plan, new moves will come from the CHP.

Kılıcdaroglu Already Satisfied

CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu was among the first to congratulate Joe Biden, after Biden’s election of President of the United States. That was shocking that Turkish main opposition political party leader published congratulatory letter to Joe Biden who threatens Turkey. Kılıcdaroglu congratulated, with the message shared on Kılıcdaroglu’s Twitter account, Joe Biden and his deputy, Kamala Harris, who were elected as the 46th President of the United States of America.

In his twit Kılıcdaroglu says: “The friendship between the US and Turkey will be powered by our strategic alliance.” A week after this statement, Kılıcdaroglu called Gonul Tol, the Turkey Research Center Director of the Middle East Institute in the US, and sent a message to Biden through Gonul Tol; Kılıcdaroglu asked support for democracy movements in Turkey from Biden.

Biden Threatens Our Country!

The elected US president Democrat Joe Biden talked to the New York Times interview:

“(Erdogan) to pay the price for their mistakes. But still if oppositons of Erdogan contact me directly as I did with them, in Turkey, I think we can support existing elements and get more out of them, encourage them to defeat Erdogan not with a coup but through the election process.”

USA Inconsistent on July 15 Coup Attempt

During the July 15 coup attempt, US Secretary of State John Kerry also complained that the coup was not very effective. In parallel with Biden’s statements, threats started to come from FETO members in the USA.

FETO fugitive Faruk Bayındır, who was involved in many crimes such as the cassette conspiracy to the MHP and the murder of Haydar Meriç, was among those who openly threatened.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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