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Canada, Germany, Netherlands force migrants to enroll in FETO schools

FETO leader Fetullah Gulen

The head of a Turkish education foundation said some countries including Canada, Germany and the Netherlands exerted pressure on Muslim migrants to enroll their children in schools operated by the Gulenist Terror Group (FETO).

Maarif Foundation President Professor Birol Akgun said the terrorist group lobbied in those countries to have migrant children enrolled in those schools.

“Turkish families removed their children from FETO-linked schools but these schools now see attendance by children of Muslim diaspora. For instance, in Europe, children of Syrian, Middle Eastern and African migrants are directed to those schools,” Akgun said in an interview. The Maarif Foundation was established after the July 2016 coup attempt in order to take over the administration of overseas schools linked to FETO, which is accused of being behind the foiled coup that left 249 people.

The terrorist group, which disguised itself as a religious charity before its first two coup attempts through its infiltrators in law enforcement in 2013, controls a worldwide network of schools and charities.

FETO schools served as centers for inculcating students with the organization’s propaganda, cultivating new members and generating a large circulation of money, unlike ordinary educational institutions. For more information about these schools please click here.

Akgun says they are negotiating the handover of FETÖ-linked schools in 60 countries to Maarif.

“We also plan to open new schools in those countries. In one year since the establishment, we handed over 20 schools in 20 countries. In Somalia, Niger and Guinea, 207 students graduated from those schools this year,” he noted.

Source: Daily Sabah and other agencies


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