FETO Murders

Zirve Publishing House

The Zirve Publishing House massacre took place on April 18th, 2007, when three employees, German national Tilman Ekkehart Geske, Necati Aydin and Ugur Yuksel were found murdered in the publishing house at which they worked. The publishing house was active in publishing Bibles and missionary texts.

The verdict concluded that the trial has been entangled with controversy after five men caught red-handed were released from custody with judicial control.  The trial of the suspects was scheduled to end in 2011 with a verdict, but FETO-aligned prosecutor Zekeriya Oz filed a new indictment claiming that a group of military officers associated with the Ergenekon network were responsible for the murder. Oz, who fled Turkey after the FETO-led attempt to topple the government in December 2013, remains a fugitive from the law.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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