FETO Murders

The suicide of Didem Yaylali, the judge candidate

The suicide of didem yaylali, the judge candidate

Didem Yaylalı, the judge candidate who committed suicide

The story of Didem Yaylalı, who committed suicide as a result of the mobbing she received from  FETO-member judges because she did not submit to the organization, reveals the pressure FETO placed on their subordinates in state institutions.

In August 2013, Didem Yaylalı went to Muğla, Fethiye after telling her sister, “Do not disturb me for two days. I need to rest.”  The process that led Yaylalı take her own life here, once again demonstrates the pressure and tyranny FETO has established in state institutions.

Didem Yaylalı’s father, retired sergeant Yaşar Yaylalı, said that his daughter, who graduated from Konya Selçuk University Faculty of Law in 2009, passed the Judicial Services Exams. He says that his daughter, who could not attend 2 classes at the Nomination Academy due to health problems and she had received a report from the hospital documenting these problems.

Yaylalı was not accepted as a judge by claiming that the report in question was fake. Father Yaşar Yaylalı, blames those who served in HSYK at that time about this incident that drove Didem Yaylalı to take her life and states that the main reason of her non-admission was Didem not paying allegiance to FETO.

Didem Yaylalı’s father Yaşar Yaylalı at the funeral of his daughter

Father Yaşar Yaylalı stated that it was HSYK Investigation Judge Mustafa Arslan, who alleged at the time that his daughter’s report from the hospital was “fake.”  Father Yaylalı also stated that Hüseyin Yıldırım, who was the Chairman of the Justice Academy of Turkey at the time said to his daughter “You will be one of us, you will submit to us” but his daughter did not accept this.

The FETO members Justice Academy President Hüseyin Yıldırım, former HSYK 1st Department Head İbrahim Okur, and former HSYK Deputy Chairman Ahmet Hamsici and investigative judge Mustafa Arslan, whom Yaşar Yaylalı held responsible for the death of his daughter, were arrested in the investigation carried out after the July 15 FETO coup attempt.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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