FETO Murders

The Killing of Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz

Public Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz was taken hostage by DHKP-C terrorists at the Istanbul Court of Justice on March 31, 2015.

The terrorists justified their crime by alleging that “no progress was being made in the Berkin Elvan investigation.” The courthouse was quickly evacuated and security measures were taken by the police. The two terrorists, identified as Şafak Yayla and Bahtiyar Doğruyol, conveyed their demands to the police, stating that they will kill the prosecutor if their demands were not met. After nine hours of negotiation, mostly over unreasonable or impossible demands such as “the establishment of a people’s court” and “trial by revolutionaries”, the terrorists were again asked to surrender. However, the terrorists did not surrender despite the best efforts of the hostage negotiators and instead murdered Mehmet Selim Kiraz. The DHKP-C terrorists who martyred the prosecutor were captured in the operation.

FETO Was Aware of the Attack

When Prosecutor Kiraz was taken hostage, the identities of the terrorists were unknown. However, just minutes after Kiraz was taken hostage, police chief Kadri Cemil Yiğit, who was expelled from the police force over  FETO charges, announced the name of one of the terrorists for the first time. Yiğit, who is still under arrest for being FETO memeber, claimed that he knew the terrorist, whose face was masked, by his eyes. Kadri Cemil Yiğit could not answer the question of whether or not he was aware of the bloody terrorist act of DHKP-C.

Former police commander who is currently under arrest by FETO charges, tweeted the initials of DHKP-C terrorist Şafak Yayla.

FETO Fugitive Is a Relative of One of the Terrorists

Ahmet Sait Yayla, a leading name of FETO, turned out to be a relative of the terrorist Şafak Yayla, who martyred the prosecutor. Ahmet Sait Yayla, a former police officer, thought he would be dismissed after the failed coup attempt on December 17th. For this reason, he transferred to Harran University as an academic with the help of the court decision issued FETO members in the judicial structure. Thus, Yayla, who averted being dismissed from profession, fled to the USA in November 2015. After his desertion to the United States, Ahmet Sait Yayla has been participating in academic programs in the US taking part in the FETO’s the dark propaganda against Turkey.

DHKP-C terrorist Ahmet Sait Yayla the murderer of the prosecutor Kiraz and FETO fugitive Ahmet Sait Yayla (cousins)

The End is Near in the Berkin Elvan Investigation

Publications under the control of the DHKP-C claimed that the prosecutor was martyred to hold prosecutors to account in the Berkin Elvan investigation. However, Mehmet Selim Kiraz had already made much progress and reached the following conclusions in the investigation he conducted:

He had included in the file the Forensic Medicine report on Berkin Elvan’s death stated he died as a result of an object hitting his head.

In order to be able to identify the three policemen who were likely to be the perpetrators of Berkin Elvan’s death, Prosecutor Kiraz had requested from the Istanbul Police Department the identity information and clear photographs of all the police officers who were on duty that day.

Kiraz then sent the identity information and photographs of 21 police officers to the Audio and Visual Examination Branch Directorate of the Forensic Medicine Institute, where he asked them to compare the photographs of the 21 police officers and identify the 3 possible suspects.

Four prosecutors who studied the Berkin Elvan murder investigation before Mehmet Selim Kiraz were FETO members:

Adnan Çimen: The first prosecutor to investigate the Berkin Elvan case. He also studied the case of Selam and Tawhid, one of the most important conspiracies of FETO. He was dismissed from profession by HSYK on March 1, 2016. After July 15the failed coup attempt, he was caught in the cell house where he was hiding.

Abdullah Yıldırım: The second prosecutor who studied the Berkin Elvan investigation. Following the July 15 coup attempt, he was first dismissed from the profession, then arrested.

Sefettin Atıcı: The third prosecutor who studied the Berkin Elvan investigation. After the coup attempt, he was dismissed from the profession and arrested.

Faruk Bildirici: The last prosecutor who studied the Berkin Elvan file before Prosecutor Kiraz. He also worked on the FETO plots within the Sledgehammer case.

The four prosecutors who worked on the “Berkin Elvan” file before Mehmet Selim Kiraz were also FETO members. Unlike these FETO prosecutors, Prosecutor Kiraz was very close to getting results in the investigation. While the FETO prosecutors who blocked the investigation were not targeted by the DHKP-C, Kiraz, who made progress in the investigation, was targeted.

FETO’s Chaos Plan

Therefore, it can be understood that the attempt to limit progress in the Berkin Elvan investigation is FETO’s plan. By blocking the Berkin Elvan investigation through the efforts of the previous prosecutors, FETO aimed to continue the traumatic impact of the Gezi events on Turkish society. It was revealed that during the Gezi events, which took place about 6 months before the December 17 coup attempt, FETO policemen provoked the protestors. FETO’s interference in the investigation of the “Berkin Elvan” file was deliberately made in order to provoke the public and create chaos in the streets once again.

FETO ringleader Fetullah Gülen’s condolence for Berkin Elvan was also part of FETO’s dirty plan. However, Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, who attempted to thwart this plot by advancing the investigation, was murdered by FETO and DHKP-C.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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