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Suspicious Death of Defne Joy Foster

Suspicious Death of Defne Joy Foster

Traces of FETO in the death of Defne Joy Foster

Defne Joy Foster fell ill at the home of Kerem Altan, the son of FETO detainee Ahmet Altan, on February 2, 2011. Paramedics who came to his home had found Foster dead. We have compiled the unclear points on Foster’s death.

Who is the suspect Kerem Altan?

First of all, we should get to know who Kerem Altan is. Kerem Altan, who at the time worked as the editor in chief of Taraf newspaper, took part in the media leg of FETÖ’s conspiracy operations. Kerem Altan’s father, Ahmet Altan, had signaled the July 15th coup attempt the day before it happened. Ahmet Altan, who was arrested within the scope of the FETÖ investigation, is known as a name who defends the organization for his life.

The statement of Kerem Altan is as follows: “I met Defne at the bar. She was dancing when I saw her. Defne did not drink too much. I only drank two vodkas. After spending time for about 20-30 minutes there, me, Defne and two friends of ours left the bar together. We took a taxi. On the way, we left our two friends at their homes. We went to my house in the Göztepe neighborhood with  Defne  at around 04:00 am. We sat together for a while. There was an emotional intimacy between us, but there was no sexual intercourse. When Defne’s health deteriorated,  I thought it was about alcohol. I went to the private hospital two hundred meters from the house. There was no staff to take care of Defne in the hospital. Then they told me to go to another hospital a little further away. I could not find anybody there either. After I failed to find a doctor in the vicinity, I asked for an ambulance from a health institution that our family is a member of. ”

What happened during the trial process?

In the investigation carried out by the Kadıköy Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the death of Defne Joy Foster, other than Kerem Altan, who was the only eyewitness to the incident, no one else was asked to testify for a statement.

Moreover, in an attempt to prevent the news coverage in the press, a restriction decision was imposed on the file by specially authorized prosecutors claiming violation of the confidentiality of the investigation. Kadıköy Public Prosecutor’s Office ruled that Kerem Altan had no fault in Foster’s death. Although Foster’s family objected to the closure of the file,  Üsküdar 2nd High Criminal Court rejected this objection. The file was tried to be closed before Kerem Altan was tried. However, the Supreme Court ruled that the verdict of no prosecution was unlawful. As a result of the re-examination of the file by the Supreme Court, Kerem Altan could be sued.

There were several contradictions in the statements of Kerem Altan. Altan declared that there was no one in the house except Foster and himself. However, according to the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute, they were 4 people in his home that night. Altan’s statement contradicted the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute. Another suspicion about Kerem Altan was that Altan did not call an ambulance, although Foster was ill. Kerem Altan, who said that he went out to call a doctor in his statement, was seen to be calm and collected in the camera recordings. Kerem Altan was sentenced to 2 months and 15 days in prison as a result of the trial and his sentence was postponed.

How the push to create public opinion against Defne Joy Foster?

Media organs of FETO, especially STV, Zaman and Taraf, started to defend Kerem Altan in a state of panic. The media organs of FETO announced without waiting for the Forensic Medicine report that Foster’s death was due to alcohol and drugs she used that night.

In the story published by Vatan newspaper titled “There is no report on Defne Joy”, the statements of the neighborhood were included. They were saying “we heard the screams of Defne Foster.” However, suddenly an invisible hand stepped in and this part of the story was taken off the air. Sanem Altan and Hıncal Uluç wrote two important articles in this process. It was noteworthy that both authors were related to Kerem Altan. Defending her brother Kerem Altan, Sanem Altan wrote an article in Vatan titled “God, Please Don’t Leave Us”. Sanem Altan distorted the facts by emphasizing that Kerem Altan was very emotional, was very affected by the death of Defne Joy Foster and she was struggling to keep Kerem Altan alive. According to the footage however, Kerem Altan was quite calm when Foster was very ill. Sanem Altan’s article was kept in the headline of Vatan newspaper’s website for hours.

Hıncal Uluç, who used the expression “water jug broke in the watercourse,” about Foster, is Kerem Altan’s mother Günnur Altan’s cousin. Approaching the event from a tabloid perspective, Hıncal Uluç created a womanizer male figure about Altan and tried to portray Kerem Altan as innocent.

Who was Kerem Altan’s lawyer?

Veysel Ok, who was also the lawyer of FETO member Mehmet Baransu, undertook Kerem Altan’s attorneyship. Veysel Ok draws attention with the fact that he was also the lawyer of some names who were tried in FETO conspiracy cases, especially Balyoz.

Has the Forensic Medicine Institute made a questionable decision?

The Forensic Medicine Board prepared a report stating that Defne Joy Foster’s cause of death of was “alcohol and drug use”. Haluk Ince who was the Head of the Forensic Medicine Board at the time prepared the report, which was significant in terms of the course of the case. Haluk İnce, who prepared a report contradicting the facts and acted as false expert upon the instructions of FETO, was arrested on 6.08.2016 with the allegation that “a conspiracy was established against Dursun Çiçek”.

What was the statement from Foster’s family?

Hatice Foster announced that a few months before her daughter was murdered, she used the phrase “FETO” on a television channel. Explaining that the witnesses in her daughter’s suspicious death were silenced by threats, mother Hatice Foster said Kerem Altan was guilty.

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