FETO Murders

Ismailaga Community Murder

The Ismailaga religious community has been a fierce critic of FETO over the years. Notable figures in the community such as Ahmet Mahmut Unlu were monitored by police officers who were subsequently accused of involvement in FETO. The Ismailaga community criticized FETO’s idea of “interfaith dialogue” as lacking sincerity. “Interfaith dialogue” was a mask which FETO used to grant itself a veneer of respectability to cover up its more nefarious activities. The community, therefore, had been in FETO’s sights. Senior community member Unlu was imprisoned, and claims while in prison that one of the chief suspects of July’s coup attempt, Adil Oksuz, came to visit him to convince him to end his criticisms of FETO. Likewise, a tape was released which showed Unlu engaging in sexual activity. This type of blackmail is a well-established FETO tactic.

The Ismailaga community likewise believes that a suspicious assassination against a member of the community was the work of FETO. On 3 September 2006, a senior member of the community, was stabbed to death allegedly by a ‘crazed’ individual after morning prayers. However, members of the community began to suspect that the FETO-aligned police officers and judicial authorities were covering up the murder. This was due to the fact that the victim was also a prominent critic of FETO’s ‘dialogue between religions,’ and that the case was not proceeding in a timely manner. The prosecutor who led the case, Suleyman Pehlivan, was detained after the July coup attempt as a suspected member of FETO and was involved in the Ali Tatar case.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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