FETO Murders

Behçet Oktay murder


The murder, perpetrated by FETO, was covered up by making it look like a suicide.

Head of Special Operations Department, Behçet Oktay was found dead in Ankara, Dikmen on 25th February 2009.

Born in 1957 in Malatya, Behçet Oktay was appointed as the Head of the Special Operations Department of the General Directorate of Security in 1997. Due to his stance against the FETO structure in the police organization, Oktay’s name was mentioned in the Ergenekon investigations in order to taint him. Oktay, who served as the Head of the Special Operations Department for 12 years, was found dead on February 25, 2009. The investigation was closed, stating his death was due to suicide.

Not a suicide, but murder.

The doubts about the verdict regarding Behçet Oktay’s murder:

Despite being left-handed, the bullet entry on his head is on the right hemisphere.

No examination of fingerprints, blood and tissue analysis were performed on the gun.

According to the autopsy report, eight of his ribs were broken before he died.

His phone, which was confiscated by the police, was used multiple times after his death.

Traces of FETO in the murder

Just six days before his death, Behçet Oktay’s phones were tapped by the police for allegedly being a member of “Hezbollah”. The officer who did the tapping was Ramazan Akyürek, former Head of the Intelligence Office. Akyürek was later arrested during the Hrant Dink’s murder investigation in 2015.

His family also pointed fingers to FETO

Deceased Behçet Oktay’s sister Şule Oktay said her brother was killed because he did not bow down to FETO. Şule Oktay said: “My brother knew the structure of FETO very well. Behçet Oktay’s existence was a threat for them.”

Why was Behçet Oktay killed?

The reason why Behçet Oktay was targeted by FETO was the Ergenekon case. Oktay allegedly detected that “the ammunition seized in the Ergenekon excavations were stolen from the Special Operations Department and buried.” Behçet Oktay, who revealed that this case was a “FETÖ conspiracy” in 2009, was executed by FETO.

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