FETO Deep State

Military Espionage and Blackmail Case

The military spying and blackmail case came to light in 2011, when the police received an anonymous tip-off that military officers were involved in the illegal procurement of women from abroad for the purposes of prostitution in addition to using female military officers as prostitutes. It was alleged that the women were instructed to engage in sexual relationships with prominent figures with the intention of later blackmailing them for the purpose of the gathering information which would subsequently be passed onto foreign intelligence services. The indictment claimed that the officers had used the intelligence gathered via the prostitutes to gather information on over 5,000 people for the purpose of subsequently blackmailing them.

The purpose of this conspiracy was to purge the army of opponents of the Fethullah Gulen Terror Organization (FETO) and to open the way for FETO-aligned soldiers to advance their careers in place of imprisoned officers. The defendants pointed to irregularities in the indictment including the fabrication of documents and illegal wiretapping. The suspects were released in August 2012, but new charges of membership to an illegal organization were filed. All suspects were eventually acquitted in January 2016. The court later ordered an investigation into those behind the conspiracy.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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