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FETO and 28 February Post-Modern Coup

Fetullah Gulen is charged with ordering the July 15 coup. Some written documents show that Gulen also chose the side of the military during the 28 February post modern coup, when the military gave an ultimatum to the coalition government led by Necmettin Erbakan and Tansu Ciller following a National Security Council (MGK) meeting on 28 February 1997. The MGK underscored that secularism was the guarantor of democracy and law in Turkey. After the ultimatum, Erbakan resigned and left the prime ministry to Ciller.

Tansu Ciller and Necmettin Erbakan
Tansu Ciller and Necmettin Erbakan

Following the February 28 post-modern coup, practices such as the headscarf ban were introduced and students wearing a headscarf were expelled from schools. In addition, persuasion rooms were created for students with a headscarf in which they were forced to take their scarf off. Furthermore, many public officers were dismissed from their jobs in after  the February 28 coup.

In the meantime, while all these military operations were carried out, FETO and Zaman newspaper, which is the media organ of the organization, were on the side of the coup-plotters and made statements expressing their legitimacy. Some of them were as follows:


In the news report titled “Gulen: Time for the government to go” published on 18 April 1997, AKIT newspaper gives Gulen’s statement in which he says it is time for the government to go.


In the news report titled “Gulen also warned” published on 18 April 1997, Milliyet newspaper gives Fetullah Gulen’s warnings against the government.


In the news report titled “You failed, let it go now” published on 18 April 1997, Hurriyet presents Fetullah Gulen’s remarks against the government in its headline.


In the news report titled “Congratulations” published on 9 July 1997, ZAMAN greets the new regime which was established after the government was taken down by the coup’s enforcement.

Report on Fetullah Terror Organization's (FETO) Involvement in the 15 July Failed Coup

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